Having been working in the service sector for 61 years, Kuyucu Sera has became one of the leading firms of the region market through its quality policy and services. Kuyucu Sera renewed its machine system and equipment stationed in the Organized Industrial Zone of Tarsus – Mersin in 2007. We carry out the production of the greenhouse profiles and fittings and continually increase the service quality through our own patented designs with the latest technology.

Based in Mersin, Kuyucu Sera offers consulting and corporate services as regards the turnkey greenhouse installation for the entrepreneurs wishing to invest in greenhouse and renewing investments or enlarging investments. It offers assistance to the greenhouse investors in the selection of land and greenhouse project processes and the provision of the production materials such as plastic cover and clips (plastic cover fastener).

Kuyucu has taken a strategic step with its intensive knowledge and experience and gathered the other companies under the same roof.


With more than 61 years of experience, Kuyucu Metal carries out the wholesale and retail sales of Water, Plumbing, Natural Gas, Boiler Pipe, Concrete Pipe, Greenhouse Pipe, Industrial Pipes and Profiles. Being your reliable solution partner with its unique products and services in the Iron Steel sector, Kuyucu is pleased to serve its customers.


Kuyucu Teknik Yapı ve Ziraat was established in 2002 and first started to do business on agricultural irrigation and continued to grow and today it has become one of the strongest and best-known firms in the region. It is doing business on Agricultural Machinery and Equipment Sales, sprinkler and drip irrigation design, PVC pipes, iron pipes, Attachments, construction materials, Soil Structure Regulators, plant nutrition, plastic sheeting, supply and installation of greenhouse nets.


We are one step forward by doing our business in the best way as a preferred, reliable and leading company.


We aim to establish better facilities, create high quality, efficient, solution-oriented projects, offer products and services that raise the quality of life and maximize the community's economic and social development through our expertise in the greenhouse gutters.

As KUYUCU METAL, our basic values are:

To work customer-oriented,
To make customers’ investments efficient in economic level,
To protect environment,
To prioritize the continuous development and change,
To attach importance to team work,
To ensure occupational health and safety,
To make contributions in the society,
To make savings,
To increase Profitability Ratio and Production through Strong Construction.